Drawings & Images

We can engrave and paint graphics onto the headstone design.

Artwork for memorials is always popular. This can range from a small scroll, border, cross or rose to large and detailed illustrations. Artwork can personalise a memorial and compliment the overall design.

We are very experienced and highly skilled at crafting memorial artwork. We can consult with you to produce high quality artwork that is an individual design and unique. Along with drawing original artwork we have a wide selection of existing artwork that we can use to help your memorial look the way you want it to.

If exact replication is what you are looking for, we have two options to consider. The rayzist system and laser imaging. Both produce a black and natural stone image, some can be coloured and are very effective. We recommend black granite for the best results. These methods can be used for portraits and any kind of artwork or picture scene. These processes can achieve greater detail in smaller designs than we can with hand drawn artwork.