What's involved in planning a memorial?

Ordering a memorial or headstone for a loved one is not something you do often.

We guide you through the process of creating a memorial from start to finish. 



We will ask you where the headstone or plaque is to be installed. 

For all public cemeteries there are size and shape restrictions to consider, that vary depending on the location within the cemetary, but for private cemeteries and Urupas there are generally no size restrictions.

We will advise about any specific rules or bylaws (eg size and shape) that apply.

Your Design:

What style, size and shape would you like your memorial to be? 

You may like to choose from our 100s of standard designs or have a custom memorial made. Custom made headstones and memorials can be made in almost any size.

If you are unsure, we will show you some suggestions. We recommend that your browse our galleries to see the variety.

Your Budget:

Cremation plaques range from  $600 - $1500.

Headstone memorial sets start from $1500 upwards, and average between $3000 - $6000. We have plaques and memorials to suit all budgets, so please talk to us about your budget.


We will work with you to design your memorial, and then provide a quote for the full price. We then ask for a deposit to be paid when the order is confirmed. The remainder is due before installation. 

Payment by installment can be organised, as long as your memorial is paid in full by the time you require it to be installed or collected.

Colour & Material:

Granite is the most popular material used these days, due to its strength and durability. Black is the most common granite colour used however there is a wide range of granite colours to choose from.

Granite being a volcanic rock is naturally formed in the earth and not man made, therefore there may be some colour variation from one piece to other. 

We also work in Marble - please talk to us about this option if required.

Headstone Inscription:

We will ask the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death. We will ask you about additional text you wish to have inscribed. Families often choose to describe family relationships and include the names of loved ones. 

Additional inscriptions, such as a poem or a verse from scripture can be added. We can help you choose a fitting inscription for your memorial.

Inscriptions can be gilded with 23ct gold leaf or painted. Paint colours are usually white or silver. A range of colours can be used, and are often chosen for children's memorials.

Images can also be included. 

Ceramic Photos & Tiles:

Colour, black and white or sepia photos can be laid into a headstone in a variety of shapes and sizes.


If we have the headstone in stock, it will usually take 4 - 6 weeks to complete. If we need to order your memorial design, this can be up to 16 weeks or more. 

Please let us know the date you may need your headstone ready by - Urupa Unveiling, Anniversary, Birthday or a special Family Day of your choosing. Custom made memorials will normally take a minimum of 3 - 4 months, and can take more than 6 months.

Please talk to us about any time constraints you may have.


Many Public Cemeteries require a qualified Monumental Mason to install cremation plaques and memorials. All of our quotes will include installation, unless you specifically talk to use about wanting to install yourself.